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Please don't buy the Trend Simplicity Software, as i bought it some time ago, I realized i was ripped off by Chris Morse the founder, it is all lies.

Tren Simplicity, and Trend Shark, are bogus systems where by the system crashes and has faults with it. i Have screenshots of the problems i have occurred.

Chris Morse is a professional *** Artist, who wants to make money from you each time, the system is Flawed. I have bought 3 new computers and have exaplined trend simplicity of the problem, they admit they are aware of this, but will do nothing. Even though chris has taken $10,000


Monetary Loss: $10.

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If the systems returns were real why would the Morse Brothers sell the signals?The Morse brothers would not be scratching around for an average investor to buy their systems.

They would be selling to venture capitalists and banks. TradeThink claims a big trading firm did use their system, it was MF Global.

Some traders use it to game TradeThink traders from the opposite side.I would not be surprised if Jason and Chris Morse are among that group, I know MF Global was.


I am from Pakistan.I haven't bought the subscription.

but in 2008 on trial I earned 1500 USD. I am still a big fan of this system. Though I haven't had and still dont have enough money to buy this system. But One thing is true, This really works.

If you have not enough capital or balance, you can't handle the DRAWDOWN, or floating loss. Risk management, and Capital or equity Management is the duty of the trader. TrendSimplicity only provides you the signals with stops exits etc. ROBINA66 you should have used risk management.

I have gone through VantagePoint, PIA-First (Central banks takes signals from PIA) ...I have seen every thing, but TrendSimplicity is really the best because of the diversification formula and small stop losses and the best thing is running the profit.

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